What is Healing?

What is Healing?

Healing is a process. Healing has its root in Old English. To heal means to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment (1).

As Marianne Williamson often says, healing occurs through a kind of detoxification process. And while detoxification isn’t always the most fun thing, it is rewarding and opens the doors for fulfilling, vibrant and fun life experiences.

When you have decided with intent and consciousness to make a change in your life, it will start with change in your inner world. In order for your outer circumstances to shift, your inner world must first evolve.

Once you have made the choice to change and realign your spirit, the change will ripple through your mind, emotions and physical body. By intending that healing occur in an area of your life, the belief systems that have created your current outcomes will come up to be released.

Often, we think belief systems are the truth because that has been our experience. Repeated thought and emotional patterns carve grooves in our psyches and being that give these belief systems weight in our realities. Opening your mind to the possibility that your experience can change and you have a great deal of power in that is essential to healing.

To change, these belief systems and the thought and emotional patterns that are tied to them will need to be released. Even though you may be focused on one aspect of your life, it is likely tied to other areas that require transformation, so if you feel strongly intuitively guided to face something and course correct, even if it seems illogical, it is likely tied to what you asked to be addressed.

This process may be uncomfortable and bring up things which you would rather just disappear or not look at. Deciding to change is a major step, however it’s not a magic wand that will instantly poof your entire life into a realized fantasy. Wouldn’t that be nice!

While our words our powerful, we still need to work transform internally so the change is lasting. It’s the way it is on Earth. The good news is if you stick with yourself through the process and do the work, the potential for all things wonderful is endless.

Transformation isn’t a matter of just covering up unpleasant reality with pleasant thinking, it’s about allowing the evolutionary nature of life to reshape the raw material of your soul and life experiences into another form, it is lasting and real change. Sounds like an adventure, eh?

If you aren’t familiar with this process of healing as detoxification, you may discover that you fight and resist the change that is occurring in response to your request to life to change. Or, you may be tempted to get angry (or another response besides gratitude and love) since the very thing you said you wanted to release is now up in your face and insisting that you deal with it by its presence.

 Life will bring stuff up for you so you can look at it head on (it can be anything: just to name a few - relationship issues, unpleasant job situations, old self-sabotaging habits, physical ailments, painful experiences etc.).

Instead of sarcastic thoughts and comments, humor is a powerful tool to help aid the healing process. If you can see the situation as a big cosmic joke, then good on ya mate! And if not, then it’s a great opportunity to develop a healthier attitude and a growth mindset (please note: speaking from experience).

If you can say yes I am done with this thank you for replacing it with what is aligned with truth and my highest outcomes, then wonderful! If not, be patient with yourself as you work through your emotions and thoughts about what you are dealing with.

You may be better at this one day and have an off day the next, just keep at it and keep getting and doing better as you grow. To be in a place where you can center yourself and have the grace to bless whatever it is and allow the new to come in shows you are doing some excellent work my friend.

Healing often occurs in layers. It’s kind of like when the seasons change and some trash that was in the ground suddenly appears. It has sifted to the surface, seemingly out of nowhere (even though it was there the whole time). When I shared this analogy with someone, they replied by saying they could either face it and pick it up or pretend it’s not there and wait for time to bury it again. We all have that choice.

If you can see the stuff coming up in your life as an opportunity to clean it up that’s powerful. Also, it’s likely that as you continue to clean your stuff up, deeper layers will arise. Just know you are doing your best and getting closer to the core of the issue.

This is a natural process and life is kind enough to give us layers to work with instead of bombarding us with a ridiculous amount of stuff to deal with all at once. When we work with life in this process, it helps our lives be manageable and run smoothly even while being in the middle of major life changes.         

What change would you like to make in your life right now?

What I offer is holistic healing. It deals with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies, which are interdependent and make up our experiences in life. Through accessing patterns that need to be changed and clearing out the chakra system (the energetic foundation of our existences) you can empower yourself and heal your life. I’m happy to help!

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Thanks for reading and happy healing!



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Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons