What is Positive Psychology? 

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. According to Positive Psychology pioneer Chris Peterson, it can be summed up as "other people matter".

Positive Psychology is not thinking positively all of the time, or happiology, it is about fully experiencing the wide range of human emotions and experience while leveraging our strengths to thrive.

While traditional medicine and psychology have examined our illnesses and neuroses, the focus of Positive Psychology going beyond getting to a baseline well-being and going north of neutral (see diagram below). Absence of illness does not equal thriving health. The important thing is to start where you are and move forward with self-compassion and kindness.

Positive psychology gives us insight and evidence-based practices into how we can "show up in the way we want to" (Dr. Shrikumar Rao).

Courtesy of The Flourishing Center

Courtesy of The Flourishing Center

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Recipe for Empowerment

My philosophy of holistic health and healing is based on this model, which is centered on personal empowerment in the path to flourishing. Self care is health care. Copyright The Flourishing Center

Positive Psychology PERMA-V model of Flourishing

Copyright The Flourishing Center

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing works through the chakra system which is the underlying basis of our human experience. The chakras give rise to all of our human experiences through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which interpenetrate and influence one another constantly. Blockages and interruptions in the flow of life force (also called Chi or Prana) reflect as blocks, illnesses, disease and disharmony in our lives. Ancient Eastern traditions, American shamanic lineages and other ancient cultures founded their medicine and societies on the understanding of these dynamics.

Energy works at a causal level to unblock, re-pattern and heal the body holistically. Changing things on a deep inner level leads to changes in consciousness, body and your experience of the external world. Healing is a unique process and experience for each individual. My experience and training has made it clear to me that each of us is ultimately our own inner healer. The healer is someone who can help you along your path by helping clear your body, show you where you can stand in your own power and wisdom, give you tools, and gain awareness to self-actualize.

In research on energy healing done by Alberto Villoldo at San Francisco State University found that they "were able to increase the production of endorphins, the natural brain chemicals responsible for reducing pain and for creating ecstatic states, by nearly 50 percent utilizing the techniques of energy healing", as noted in Shaman, Healer, Sage.


Energy Healing brings ancient and modern wisdom together holistically and practically

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Is What I Do Reiki?

Yes, and much more. I am certified Reiki Master in Traditional Usui Reiki. Reiki is a healing tool that I integrate into all healings. I personally think the most important thing in Reiki and healing in general is that the energy come from pure source/God/divine love and that includes the practitioner taking excellent care of themselves to be in healthy alignment spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In addition to Reiki, which is the tip of the healing-awareness iceberg, I have been extensively apprenticing in the healing arts for over seven years.

My training includes a variety of methods, focusing on energy and shamanic healing practices. I have been trained as a healer in a 3-year Certificate program, along with a widening array of tools and techniques to address specific concerns in the body, and an in-depth study of the underlying energetic anatomy of our lives.

As Alberto Villoldo, master healer and shaman says in Shaman, Healer, Sage, "true healing is nothing less than an awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity". This has everything to do with vision and Spirit and techniques are secondary. This is why, as a practitioner, it is a priority for me to continually engage in self care, treat my body with respect, and tend to my own healing work so I can be at my best as a healer. Deepening my connection to nature and Spirit is also essential to doing this work and being my best.  

When I was 15, I was diagnosed with a severe case of an autoimmune disease after experiencing some potentially life-threatening symptoms. At the time, I thought the best thing I could do for my life was to accept that I would be ill and medicated the rest of my life. So, I gave up dreaming of what my life could be and resolved to make the best out of my situation. I was heavily medicated with pharmaceutical drugs that also wreaked havoc on my body. This went on for five for five years until I experienced a potent spiritual and body awakening.

As if I had been struck with a lightning bolt of awareness, I intuitively changed nearly my entire diet and lifestyle. For months, I had no outside help in the form of doctors, mentors, friends, or family to help or who were on a similar path of awakening and health. My doctor specifically told me diet had nothing to do with my condition, and to my awareness, I'd never been exposed to information saying otherwise.

I had been eating a standard American diet (SAD) and growing up in the Midwestern United States, and that was all I knew. So, it was an abrupt change for me to listen to my body's clear guidance of what to eat and what not to eat. I survived my last semester of college eating a lot of black beans and almond butter! Within a few months of making changes, I was thinking about what I ate and didn't eat. To my surprise, I realized I ate only plant-based foods, which meant I was a vegan, a word that I admit I wasn't totally comfortable with at first.

I made massive progress through changing my diet and within six months, energy healing found me. This was a turning point and a huge relief to feel my life was finally on track and to have some support. Although it made intuitive and rational sense, I was hesitant at first since this was new. To me, it was a foreign world, and thankfully I found healers of integrity who are grounded in reality or I may have dismissed the idea of energy healing entirely. I also wasn't in the habit of asking for help yet.

 My mind was open enough to give energy healing a chance and for the first time, I felt clear, understood and that I was getting to the deep patterns that led to me getting sick in the first place every time I had a healing. I was hungry to change my life for the better, no matter what it took. Ever since then, I've been apprenticing, studying and practicing the healing arts.

In the process of my own healing journey, I've discovered that my passion to create a healthy and loving world is intimately tied to my healing process. Doing this work has given me a life back I never thought I'd have, and shown me ways to contribute to the beyond anything I thought was possible. What was a heartbreaking health crises has turned into a blessing that keeps growing. It has led to my path of awakening. My life has meaning and I'm dreaming. I am deeply committed to finding and sharing ways to live in thriving health, while having fun making a serious dent in the universe to raise up the quality of life on Earth. 

How did I start doing this work?

What got me here?

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