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Your help in supporting my work is...Pioneering positive education and social justice

The planet is on the verge of a moral sea change, and our mission is not only to reduce misery, but to create well-being
— Dr. Martin Seligman, Inagural IPEN Confernce 2016

I love IPEN! Check out this video of the first International Positive Education Network conference held in July of 2016. I pop up a few times and so does my friend Paloma! Thank you to all of the amazing people in the Positive Psychology movement working to bring character-based education and the science of well-being into schools and classrooms around the world. Talk about inspiring!

Having fun at IPEN's First Global Conference

Dallas, Texas, USA

By combining social justice education and positive education, there is a much wider pool of resources and potential to create swift, lasting and socially just changes to ourselves, ou education systems and, therefore, our global community.
— Shelley Fritz

Truth is like a vast tree, which yields more and more fruit, the more you nurture it. The deeper the search in the mine of truth the richer the discovery of the gems buried there, in the shape of openings for an ever greater variety of service
— Gandhi

Creating nonviolent living Into the modern world

Please see gandhiproject18.blogspot.com

for more information on research into Gandhi's legacy

and a book I am writing about bringing the wisdom of nonviolent Living into the modern world.

World Peace Gong

Gandhi Smirti

New Delhi, India

Standing up for our youth and Environment

Here are some of the causes I am passionate about and I look forward to supporting through my work. This is made possible through your awareness and support, thank you!

Providing Youth Safety and Education

AVANI School for Children, India


Education for Healthy Food Choices

Photo: Creative Commons

Shelley Fritz 312.JPG

Cleaning and Protecting Our Oceans

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

*If you have a favorite ocean conservation organization, please let me know, I am looking for recommendations


Improving Global Health, Sanitation and Water Quality

Photo: Creative Commons


Respecting Nature with Environmental Education

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

Reclaiming Habitat for Threatened Species

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Queensland, Australia

Bringing Ethics Into Our Public Institutions

Justitia, Goddess of Justice, Creative Commons


Promoting Democratic and Scientific Literacy

Lady Liberty! NYC, Creative Commons

building and growing living Democracies and cultures

Living democracies are based on the intrinsic worth of all species, all peoples, all cultures; a just and equal sharing of this earth’s vital resources; and sharing the decisions about the use of these resources.

Living cultures are spaces in which we shape and live our diverse values, beliefs, practices, and traditions, while fully embracing our common, universal humanity, and our commonality with other species through soil, water, and air.

Living cultures are based on nonviolence and compassion, diversity and pluralism, equality and justice, and respect for life in all its diversity
— Vandana Shiva in Earth Democracy

Vandana Shiva, Global Food Rights and Seed Saving Activist

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Navdanya Research Farm and Seed-Saving Bank

Dehradun, India


I am working on bringing nonviolence into the modern world.  I am writing a book as a capstone project to teach Social Justice Education. For more information on this project, please visit www.gandhiproject18.blogspot.com. Your support allows me to research and share what modern science in human thriving combined with the wisdom of Gandhi and fellow pioneering leaders have to say about living in healthful and sustainable a in the modern world.

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Co-creating healthy new paradigm communities


Dancing to Freedom at the

Berlin Wall



Americorps Mural

Westside of Kansas City, Missouri, USA


John Lennon Wall

Prague, Czech Republic


Athens, Greece

Near the Acropolis

Photo copyright Katrina Elaine Photography

Photo copyright Katrina Elaine Photography



Photography copyright Shelley Fritz, Credit Sabra Hayes for Great Barrier Reef Turtle