Are You a Healer?

Are you a Healer?

What is a Healer?

       Are You a Healer?

Are you a healer?

What is a healer?

These are deep questions. It’s common today for people to have a spiritual awakening or see the popular movement towards healing modalities as a bandwagon to jump on, attend a few workshops and instantly call themselves a healer without proper and thorough training. When it comes to doing deep healing work with those who use the label ‘healer’ be wise. You want someone who has been well-trained as has integrity in their life and work.

With that being said, everyone can be a healer in their own way. Think about you and your work in the world. For the vast majority of people waking up to an enlightened way of being in the world, being a healer in whatever work you do is rapidly becoming essential for the health of our world. This takes the form of your individualized work and potential as a human being. You don’t have to call yourself a healer to serve a healing function in the world. (And to be clear, the vast majority of people have yet to wake up to this, so way to go! :)

The way I see it, the tides of evolutionary change on our doorstep call for us as a species to develop a society based on the foundation and actualization of love. This is our only legitimate option to survive and thrive, a sentiment which Marianne Williamson, a teacher of The Course in Miracles, expands on in her teachings.

Just as Gandhi noted that it may seem that the ways of nonviolence are foolish and visionary in light of the seemingly dire circumstances that the world presents, ultimately these prove to be the most practical means and politics. 1 At the foundation of his practical philosophy of nonviolence is building our lives and societies on love.

And I’m not talking about an idealistic, selfish or sexualized version of love. I’m speaking of a true love. This love is…

of a divine nature and comes through and from the heart.

strong and imperturbable.

founded in natural law and the wisdom of life.

Creating lives based in love will allow us to build societies based in love and therefore, a respect for life. Ultimately, only that which is built on love will last. The rest will crumble in time as the proverbial castles in the sand. This dissolution of lovelessness may happen faster than we are ready for, and it is up to us, as conscious adults, to take the lead and make proactive change while we still have ready access to the resources to do so.

To do this (and to stay on the planet) we are being called to cleanse ourselves of afflictive (suffering-inducing) patterns of karma, mental and emotional habits that keep ignorance permeating our lives like a dark cloud. This process is your own healing journey, unique to you.

You are the only one who can take the courageous step forward on your healing path. We live in a pivotal time of transformation and rebirth of the world as we know it. You have an important part to play in that, regardless of what form your work takes.

I see this as a threshold of the healer archetype. To enter this love-based world we are in the process of birthing, and to thrive in your life, the call is going out to each person to choose whether or not to enter and transform through the archetype of the healer. To take your own hero’s journey that is set before you now is to walk the path of a healer.

So, no matter what work you do in the world, you can serve in a healing function. This is what we need in every area of our society, in every profession, calling, and institution (old and new). No matter what you do in the world, and how many people are walking their healing paths, the world awaits your healing to experience restoration and vibrant well-being. We need you.

What’s the next step you are committed to taking on your healing journey?

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1. Gandhi, M. K. (2001). Non-Violent Resistance (Satyagraha) . Mineola, New York: Dover Publications. P. 216