Healing Services and Offerings

What I offer is available to you around the world.

Healings are equally effective from a distance as they are in person and I'd love to work with you wherever you are.

Shelley helped me with my stress and anxiety. Coming out of the hour long session I immediately felt calm and relaxed with a sense of overall relief!
— Jeff M., Kansas City, MO

Wondering if we would fit well working together to create you your best life?

We would be a great fit if You are willing to...

  • Be empowered by taking responsibility for your life

  • Desire a joyous!, vibrant and healthy life

  • Love yourself by engaging in uplifting self-care, fun and having a sense of humor about life

  • Grow and take action to actualize your highest potential

we would not be a good fit to work together if you...

  • Are content with the status quo and letting others dictate what you should do in your life

  • Don't want to make positive changes in your life

  • Have a closed mind and are unwilling to grow

  • Expect instant results for everything in life with no effort on your part


Are you curious to see if energy healing will support you on your path to thriving? Are you ready to feel more clarity and positive movement forwards? Would you like to break through blockages and gain momentum towards your dream life?


Healing Session

In this 60 or 90-minute session, your body will be balanced and cleared while you relax and listen to your own internal process. This is a holistic approach that heals and clears on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I will include an additional technique after the initial clearing and balancing based on what your body needs at the time. You will also receive tools and insights to help you thrive. 

According to leading healer and master shaman Alberto Villolodo, “while healing, we measure success by increased well-being, by a sense of newfound peace, empowerment, and a feeling of communion with all life”.

Experience clarity, renewal and increased energy following this session. An hour session is $90 and $105 for 90 minutes.

For a distance healing, I will call at the appointment time and stay on the line with you throughout the healing. For an international healing, Zoom can be used for audio (no video is needed).

Please note, there are no refunds on healing sessions. I do offer a free consultation prior to a healing session to explore your needs and expectations of me as a healer and if working together is a good fit. I accept payment in the United States in the form of cash, check, Google Wallet, Venmo, Paypal, Square and money order. International payment can currently be made through TransferWise and Paypal. Please see the Financial Policy below for more details.

Awesome results. I feel better, stronger, and more disciplined.
— Marti R. Entrepreneur and Teacher, Dallas, TX

Spine Cleaning

Add a Spine Cleaning onto your healing session and jump-start your healing process to a new level.

Why go for a Spine Cleaning? All of your experiences are stored in your spine, so it’s a helpful place to clean up and clear out! Your spine is the main energy current of your body and benefits to this technique are many including moving longstanding blockages.

A Spine Cleaning is especially helpful starting healing work and regularly to progress in your healing journey. Add on to a healing session for an additional $35.

Healing Packages

I am offering a package of 4, 60-minute healings for $299.

All packaged services are to be used with 3 months of purchase unless otherwise specified or agreed upon.

More offerings on the way!

Shelley Fritz is a brilliant healer and life coach. I have known Shelley for over seven years in both the capacity of healer and student. She is as focused and thorough as she is kind and gentle. She represents the highest level of integrity in her work. I am proud as her Energy Healing Instructor, to highly recommend her work
— Kathy Daugherty, MS, CHt Owner, Celestial Forest Institute of Energy Healing and Shamanic Studies
Shelley is an amazing provider of healing therapies and empowerment techniques. She has a great ability to connect the dots and provide insightful advice with very pure intention. When I interact with her, I am always shown ways that I can love more fully, and reminded to be gentle with myself and others. She has a very sweet and blissful personality, capable of bringing great joy and fun to a safe and grounded presence, which creates a wonderful healing environment. I feel I can trust her ability to intuitively feel and help bring awareness to my energetic state, and I trust and try to incorporate any advice she may offer. Shelley is a very intelligent person, capable of great understanding, and I look to her as an example of how we can use our minds and thoughts as powerful tools in this healing process. She is bringing a wonderful perspective to the healing table, and I’m positive that others will benefit by experiencing her services!
— Taylor, D., Lawrence, KS
My energy healing sessions with Shelley were quite helpful for me at a time when I felt internally scrambled. It was very helpful to process mind-body agitations with Shelley and settle in a more consciously homeostatic state. Over the course of the program, I was able to gain a deeper, clearer understanding of what stresses were affecting my mind and body, and with Shelley’s advice, I made subtle lifestyle improvements to enhance my overall physical and mental well-being.
— Zack
I’ve known Shelley since October 2017, after I was drawn to her business card on the Community Board at Staci’s “Enjoy, Pure Food and Drink” off Mission Drive, we eventually connected. Shelley is not only one of my Amazing Holistic Healers, but a Dear Friend. I highly recommend trying Shelley’s Spinal Cleanse. She takes her calling and her stewardship very seriously. Shelley is very intuitive and insightful with powerful messages of how one can change their lives because she lives so close to Spirit. She truly is a being of Pure Love and Light and a Perfect Example to the rest of the world of how we can all better live our lives and help make our planet a better place for everyone. She has and always will be an inspiration to me. Consider reading “Lightship” by Brian Floca. Shelley is just that and so are You! We need more Lightships among us. Thank You!
— Steven Allred, South Kansas City, MO

Bahai Gardens, Haifa, Israel

Bahai Gardens, Haifa, Israel

Financial Policy

Thank you so much for being my client. It is an honor to do this healing work with you and I greatly appreciate your support. I hope it is of great benefit to you. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve thriving well-being.

For your clarity, listed below are the financial policies for my practice. I want you to have a complete and comfortable understanding.

The policy is subject to change without notification.

There are no refunds on healing sessions. Your initial healing session is a good time to explore your needs and expectations of me as a healer and if working together is a good fit.

Payment is required at the time of any given service. Advance payment is welcome and accepted. Appointment changes or cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time or be subject to a $30 fee. Late payments will incur a $5 fee.

I reserve the right refuse service to anyone. A travel fee of a minimum of $25 will be included for cost of time and transportation for any healing not held at my office or via distance call. Travel fee is subject to change depending on distance and time needed for transport.

All packaged services are to be used within 3 months of purchase unless otherwise specified or agreed upon.


$90 - 60 min

$105 – 90 min

Spine Cleaning $125 – 90 min

4 Session Package


Cash Payment Bonus

$5 per session


Payment is accepted in USD in the form of cash, check, Google Wallet, Venmo, Paypal, Square and money order. International payment can currently be made through TransferWise and Paypal. Returned checks will incur a $25 fee. My services are not covered under health insurance policies so I am unable to accept insurance as a form of payment. I do not engage of trades of any kind for my services. I do not conduct transactions for third party service providers.

I am committed to respecting your time and energy, as well as my own, so that we can make the most progress during our time together. Please feel free to ask me any questions or for any clarification at any time.

Thank you for your time and for the opportunity to work with you!

Image: Creative Commons

Image: Creative Commons