I help change-makers heal, flourish, and move forward with clarity.


I am a Positive Educator and Holistic Healer.

Feel less stress, let go of lethargy and get clear with a holistic approach to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

By gaining mastery of your inner world, own your power and unleash unstoppable momentum in your life.

Discover your wisdom and live your heart's truth with grace and courage!

Please contact me about my healing, teaching, speaking, and writing work.

Awesome results. I feel better, stronger, and more disciplined.
— Marti R. Entrepreneur and Teacher, Dallas, Texas
Shelley is epitomizes the best qualities one could possibly want in a healer, teacher, and wisdom purveyor. She is a sage and a soulful scientist, with a mastery over a diverse knowledge base that she is able to share with her clients clearly and eloquently.

Shelley radiates kindness, goodness, and joy in such a visceral way that simply being in her grounded presence is calming and sets such a safe nurturing foundation to engage with her transformational healing work.

The energy healing experience Shelley guides her clients through is truly ineffable; every session with her feels like a watershed moment of insight, growth, and healing that leaves one transformed into a fuller version of themselves than existed before the session.

Shelley’s expert experience with energy work, combined with her powerful intuition, authentic playfulness, and incredible knowledge equip her to facilitate profound healing, mind, body, and soul. It truly feels like an honor to work with Shelley; I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend experiencing the power and joy of Shelley Fritz healing for yourself.
— Erin, Brooklyn, New York
I have had several healing sessions with Shelley over the past year. Shelley is very devoted to her healing practice. After my sessions, I always have a sense of increased well-being. I enjoy my sessions with Shelley a great deal.
— Meg T. Kansas City, Missouri

Photo Credit and Above: Katrina Elaine Photography

Photo Credit and Above: Katrina Elaine Photography


I am a Holistic Healer and Positive Psychology Practitioner who is passionate about helping you reach your full potential in thriving health.

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Our family has gone through a rough decade as a result of tragedy and the subsequent bad decisions that come from stress and grief. Although we spent plenty on traditional counseling, we haven’t really moved forward much as a group or individuals. Lots of resources going out but not much in terms of positive outcomes coming in.

We decided to engage with Shelley as an entire family. Shelley meets with all four of us individually weekly. She has uncovered and cleared many obstacles for each of us.

She has a uniquely individual approach to each of us that has provided more outcomes than we have enjoyed for 10 years of other methods.

We are closer. We communicate better. We support each other. We feel like a family again.

Real change from a real healer. Thanks Shelley!
— Tom S., Entrepreneur and Small Business Coach, Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA